3 problems on a student seminar

Today I had a chance to present 3 problems on a student seminar at NC State. I thought it will be interesting for the readers of this blog to see the slides together with these problems, so I am sharing the slides here as well

On another note, it is great to have so many online seminars. I am happy that I could watch the recorded talks alter. One drawback is that to find the recorded talks sometimes one needs to find the corresponding page where the talk was posted (or even ask organizers a passcode to watch the talk). It seems to me that uploading talks on youtube and making them publicly available is a good idea. For example, I could just subscribe to the corresponding youtube channel and watch the uploaded talks later. I wish I could have a full list of the seminars which maintain youtube channel for this purposes. Here are couple of youtube channels that I know:

1. Banach Spaces Webinar
2. Probability and Analysis Webinar
3. Complex geometry seminar
4. Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics Webinar
5. Combinatorics on Words Seminar
6. One World Optimization Seminar
7. Webinar in Additive Combinatorics
8. LA combinatorics and Complexity Seminar
9. Online Northeast PDE and Analysis Seminar
10. Geometric Analysis Seminar
11. Variational Analysis and Optimization Webinar
12. Online Worldwide Seminars in Logic and Semantics
13. Probability Victoria
14. One World Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) Seminar
15. One World Probability
16. One World PDE Seminar
17. One World Mathematical Physics Seminar
18. One World Theoretical Machine Learning
19. Federated Learning One World Seminar
20. TCS+
21. Centre de recherches math̩matiques РCRM
22. Institute of Advanced Study
23. Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques


Probability and Analysis Webinar” (PAW) starts this fall 2020. The talks will be held by zoom, they will be recorded by speakers permission and made publicly available.

The seminar is scheduled on Mondays 3:00-4:00 pm starting August 31st.

If you decided to subscribe for the upcoming talks, receive zoom link together with passcode go to subscribe page of the seminar.

The seminar has youtube channel where you can watch the recorded talks, and you can also follow the twitter account for updates and tweetable summaries of the talks.